Easy finance for your business

Get upfront cash advances of up to GHS10,000 against your invoices or future turnover. No collateral, no paperwork,  fast decision!

Check eligibility
No Collateral Requests
No collateral? No worries. Our decision is based on your invoices and financial performance in your Built account.
Get up to GHS10,000 upfront advance, and you only pay when you get paid. No hidden cost or charges
Apply in minutes and receive funding in hours so far as you are eligible. No paperwork, no hidden fees and no branch visits.

How it works

We take the work out of getting to fast, flexible financing for you to grow your business.
Easy application
Check your eligibility with your Built app and apply directly within minutes.
Pick you finance option
Choose advances against future turnover or existing  invoices and consent to sharing data with us.
Pay down as you earn
Get funding fast within 24hrs. The repayment is flexible. You will only pay when you get paid.

Frequently asked questions

Our financial services are to help entrepreneurs access cash advances from GHS1,000 to GHS10,000, using their historical data in our accounting system and without collateral. The term of the business loan is between 3 and 24 months, with cash flow friendly repayments that are either daily or weekly.

We may be able to provide you with a business loan of up to GHS10,000. The total amount of your loan will depend on the historical data in your account.

You can receive a response in as fast as one business day, if you apply during standard business hours and provide access to your financial data.  It’s much faster than your bank.

If you apply before 4pm on a business day, and a decision is made, you can have money in your account that same business day. Otherwise, you will receive funding the next business day.

We charge a flat fee based on your application, and it is collected on a fixed or flexible structure as a % of your daily, weekly or monthly turnover.

We offer daily or weekly repayments that are automatically deducted from your nominated business account, which ensures repayments are seamless.

Need finance to implement your business plan? Our fast and flexible business loan can be used for any worthwhile purpose including renovations, marketing, to purchase inventory, new equipment, general working capital and any other business requirement.

There are no fees for early repayment and no balloon payment at the end of your business loan. Once you make the final payment, your balance will be GHS0.00.

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