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3 Request Details
4 Guarantor Details
About you
First Nameyour first name
Last Nameyour last name
Your Phone no.we will reach you on it
Another Phone Numberanother number we can reach you on
Your Locationor GhanaGPS
Ghana Card ID No.enter starting from GHA
No. of dependantsenter a number
No. of childrenenter a number
Other Professionaside your business
Business Details
Business Nameyour registered name
Relationship to businesstick what applies
Nature of businesswhat does your business do?
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If yes, upload your form A or Form 3upload
Business Locationor GhanaGPS
Brief direction to BusinessUse landmarks
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Business Phone no.we will reach you on it
Number of employeesenter a number
If yes, list banksenter names of banks
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Request details
Amount RequestedHow much do you want?
Give a breakdown of the entire cost you are going to use the loan forindicate your total contributions
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How much can you pay in a month?Estimate base on your cash inflows
Briefly explain what plans you have in place to make repayments back to uswithin the repayment period selected
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If yes, from which institutionname of financial institution you got loan from
Amount you gotLoan amount you got
For how longduration of loan you got
Amount repaid so farhow much you've paid out of outstanding amount
Full NameGuarantor's full name
Contact NumberGuarantor's phone number
Locationbrief description of direction to Guarantor's residence
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Ghana Card ID NoGuarantor's ID
OccupationGuarantor's occupation